454 Sequencing of Litomosoides sigmodontis transcriptome from 3 lifestages

cDNA from three life-stages of the filarial nematode Litomosoides sigmodontis were obtained and sequenced using 454 FLX and Titanium chemistries. These reads are being used to generate a protein set that will be used for annotating the litomsoides sigmodontis genome, and to act as a reference transcriptome for further transcriptome studies using short read RNA-seq.

16,981 contigs in 1 assemblies
620,695 BLAST annotations, 25,522 PFAM annotations, 22,053 Gene3D annotations, 6,019 Coil annotations, 6,616 HMMSMART annotations, 90,000 PHOBIUS annotations

 Transcriptome of the nematode Anguilicolla crassus

Transcriptom of the nematode Anguilicolla crassus

11,098 contigs in 1 assemblies
111,835 BLAST annotations, 7,797 PFAM annotations, 6,852 Gene3D annotations, 1,902 Coil annotations, 2,413 HMMSMART annotations, 114,331 PHOBIUS annotations

 454 sequencing of the cyathostomin Cyclicostephanus goldi; a horse nematode pathogen

A normalized transcriptome dataset was generated following 454 sequencing (GS-Assembler) of a cDNA library constructed from pooled RNA from 17 adult mixed sex Cys. goldi worms; one of the 10 common species that predominates in horses.

19,957 contigs in 1 assemblies
174,676 BLAST annotations, 10,708 PFAM annotations, 9,448 Gene3D annotations, 2,448 Coil annotations, 2,862 HMMSMART annotations, 185,977 PHOBIUS annotations

 Chondrichtyes Transcriptome Resource

This resource consists of assembled and annotated short-read datasets from seven species of Chondrichthyes covering the Holocephali, Galeomorphi, Squalimorphi and Batoidea lineages. Datasets consist of either transcribed sequences from adult spleen sequenced on the 454 platform or mid-development embryonic transcripts sequenced on the Illumina platform. Where both datasets are available, they have been combined.

649,317 contigs in 9 assemblies
7,699,460 BLAST annotations, 277,259 PFAM annotations, 243,630 Gene3D annotations, 77,105 Coil annotations, 164,612 HMMSMART annotations, 5,053,652 PHOBIUS annotations

 Bicyclus anynana transcriptomes

A central resource for transcriptome data

20,003 contigs in 1 assemblies
54,086 BLAST annotations, 0 PFAM annotations, 0 Gene3D annotations, 0 Coil annotations, 0 HMMSMART annotations, 0 PHOBIUS annotations

 Transcriptome sequencing of M. digitatus

Study description

10,202 contigs in 2 assemblies
90,092 BLAST annotations, 5,910 PFAM annotations, 4,965 Gene3D annotations, 1,344 Coil annotations, 1,448 HMMSMART annotations, 101,643 PHOBIUS annotations

 De novo transcriptome assembly of the grain-eating pest, Plodia interpunctella and its natural viral pathogen Plodia interpunctella granulosis virus

The host species used in our experiment was Plodia interpunctella, the Indian Meal Moth. All individuals were taken from a large stock that has been maintained at the University of Sheffield for approximately 8 years. These transcriptomes were built from RNA-seq reads that originated from two experiments. The first compared larvae that had been exposed to virus with those that we exposed to a control solution (N=6 samples). The second compared larvae that had received two doses of virus compared to a single dose. In all cases, fourth instar larvae were harvested, and each sample consisted of 20 pooled individuals.

83,892 contigs in 1 assemblies
365,892 BLAST annotations, 26,790 PFAM annotations, 23,336 Gene3D annotations, 7,070 Coil annotations, 19,282 HMMSMART annotations, 1,004,770 PHOBIUS annotations